Pure Leverage Improves Over Other 100% Commission Companies!

  PURE LEVERAGE is a new company that has a HUGE leg up on the "100% commission" competition. They have one of the most amazing payout plans I've ever seen for … [Read More]

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This Sweet $59 MLM Solo Ad has Landed Me $566 in Profit in 72 hours!

  Solo Ad Results - Hey guys...I just cut a video for my Youtube Channel to share some cool statistics about what is possible if you invest in some paid marketing for … [Read More]

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Why Our Family Joined Melaleuca- Not What You Think!!

Lets face it... most people get into network marketing to make some money! The intrigue of residual income surely attracts all different walks of life. More millionaires have … [Read More]

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How Stay-At-Home-Moms (and Dads) Can Be Financially Successful in Home Business Today!

One beautiful aspect of having a home based business is that it gives us more time to be with our loved ones. The reason us parents work so hard is so we can provide for our … [Read More]

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I often get asked the question “James, why do you do network marketing?” I respond by saying that I love helping people….oh yeah, and if you bust your tail you can earn some … [Read More]

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Four Simple Questions to Help You Find the Right Network Marketing Company- by James Wehner

There are a lot of factors you should consider before you join a network marketing company. Personally, I would recommend a company that has a very good track record of … [Read More]

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Melaleuca Scam Exposed? Must See This MLM Review -By James Wehner

Melaleuca Review: Melaleuca was listed as the number one quickest growing firm on the Inc. 500 list for five straight years. Can the Melaleuca success become a lucrative step … [Read More]

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Network Marketing Online Can Explode Your Income- By James Wehner

Network marketing online is becoming more commonplace for serious home based business owners. It's been said "if you are not online you are not in business" in today's … [Read More]

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MLM Lead Generation for Complete Morons -By James Wehner

MLM lead generation means chasing down your family and friends and pitching them on your business to a traditional networker. To some people it means throwing your business … [Read More]

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Network Marketing Business Mentors – Do You Have One?

For any Network marketer, the start-up period is the most challenging. Most marketers face several obstacles and failures during this phase. These challenges can compel you … [Read More]

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SEO Tips and Tricks for Blogs -By James Wehner

According to Jacob Nielsen, renowned IT expert, a majority of the users reach a website or a blog through search engines. With the surging popularity of search engines like … [Read More]

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Mike Dillard and Magnetic Sponsoring Review

A lot of people ask me if I started my network marketing career all over again “what would be the first book you would read?” I thought about a few like Perry Marshalls Guide … [Read More]

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The Complete Morons Guide of Social Media Etiquette for Network Marketing

Let's work together to STOP THE SPAM!!! We must educate these spammy pinheads by holding their hands, not by gloves across the face…..or worse.... the social media "ban" … [Read More]

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James Wehner’s MLMonlinemagic.com – The Network Marketers Secret Weapon for Internet Recruiting and List Building

There is a trend in network marketing that is so powerful, if you are not doing it you are literally missing out on a TON of money. It’s simply called "internet … [Read More]

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Quickly Generate Network Marketing-MLM-Home Business Leads Through Internet Marketing And Social Media

At your fingertips are tools that will allow you to generate network marketing-MLM-home business leads through internet marketing and social media. You can use all kinds of … [Read More]

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How Businesses Can Benefit from Pure Leverage

Online businesses require the superb skills of a network marketer. Businesses are faced with a very tough competition in the online market. Not only are they competing with … [Read More]


The Rising Fame of Empower Network Scheme

It is an undeniable fact that the evolution of the Internet brought myriad changes to diverse sectors across the world. With its invention, communication is made simpler and … [Read More]


Why Pure Leverage and Marketing Are Essential for Your Business

Marketing is a business essential. A lot of companies resort to the use of business tools in order to gain visibility in the market. It is through advertising that you get … [Read More]


Empower Network – Important Things You Should Know About It

Are you familiar with the Empower Network (EN) Scheme? For sure, you have heard about it because it is among the renowned blogging systems that is gaining momentum these days. … [Read More]

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How I Generate 80-100 FREE Leads Every Month on Linkedin

Hello to you my friend, I just wanted to give you a FREE little strategy that is working like magic for me by generating 80-100 new leads a month on Linkedin. I like … [Read More]

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Empower Network : The Secret To Online Business Success

Everywhere you go, you hear stories about successful businessmen but not all of them disclosed the secrets to their success. You have heard and read news about successful … [Read More]

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Succeed And Get Ahead At Pure Leverage

Do you aspire to become a successful network marketer? Are you struggling with your company? These are some of the awful experiences of businessmen and companies these days. … [Read More]

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You will love the sound of PURE LEVERAGE 100% COMMISSIONS (especially on direct deposit day)

  The PURE LEVERAGE comp plan is a thing of beauty... 100% Commissions!! Every single person you activate into Pure Leverage you are paid a 100% commission … [Read More]

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